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Saki Japanese Junior Idols (April-2022)




Yuna Sakurai is the protagonist of the visual novel series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Sakurai (皆様Sakurai / Sakurayuujou/松沢愛佐) is a Japanese voice actor, best known for the role of Hiyama Miyako in Girls und Panzer. Heron is a fictional character in the Family Guy cartoon series. The title of Sakurai's 2009 album is also the name of a YouTube website for fan made anime videos. Japanese anime fans came to see Yuna Sakurai "K", Aimee, and Sakurai Saki "Nashiji". A recording by Sakurai under her name with vocals by B.A.P's Gaeko appeared on the "Highlights" single of After School's album, "The Road to Graduation". Sakurai can be referred to as Sakurayuu (Japanese: 松沢愛) or Sakurayuujou (Japanese: 松沢愛佐) for short. References Further reading Sakurai Yune Biography External links Official profile on IAm The Voice Category:1981 births Category:Living people Category:Voice actresses from Kanagawa Prefecture Category:Japanese female pop singers Category:Japanese idols Category:Japanese female models Category:Japanese female singers Category:Japanese gravure models Category:Japanese television personalities Category:Japanese radio personalities Category:Musicians from Kanagawa Prefecture Category:People from Yokohama Category:Rising Star contestants Category:Sony Music Entertainment Japan artists Category:Universal Music Japan artists Category:21st-century Japanese singers Category:21st-century women singers Category:Japanese actressesQ: How to set up the right format for serializing? In my project there are some classes with a bunch of public members which are serialized using DataContracts. However, these members can be put in any order, some classes can even have members with the same name - this causes a problem with serialization. So I figured I'll fix this by using a sequence number to put them in an order. Then I'd have to create a constructor and set all the members in order. I'm sure I'm not the only one who encounters this issue





Saki Japanese Junior Idols (April-2022)

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