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Binding.5 M View; Lonely Planet Guides.docDIY Hot Date Night with an Unexpected Ending Looking to spice up a family night that feels a little stale? Don't think too hard about it because putting a twist on something simple is actually surprisingly easy. Start with this idea: Instead of sitting together and watching a movie or episode of television, plan a date night that's different from your typical family night at home. 1. Go for a Night Out While spending time with your family is always a special treat, taking a night out together is a fun way to get your feet wet as a couple, especially if it's something you haven't done before. If your home lacks a patio, why not head to a local restaurant and enjoy some food and drinks together? Or if you don't live near any restaurants or bars, why not make a quick stop at a local coffee shop and grab some dinner and drinks together? 2. Have an Adventure What's better than going to an amusement park, zoo or even a museum together? How about driving to the top of a mountain, rollercoaster or water park? No matter what, do something different. 3. Get Physical Does your home lack any cozy spots where you can hang out together and get physical? Why not try hanging out together in a local gym? You can work out together, chat, or just simply rest and relax together. 4. Get Inspired Do you have a favorite hobby or skill that you'd love to share with each other? Why not try doing something together? In my case, I'd love to learn to knit and sew, so I'd plan a date night where we could work together on something crafty, like a scarf or a needlepoint project. 5. Explore Do you have an interest in something that you've always wanted to do, but have never done together? Why not see if there are any opportunities for you to explore? 6. Just Be What is the first thing that pops into your head when you think of your family? Most likely, it's the things that you love to do with them. 7. Make a Wish Wish you had a better time together? How about making a special trip to a local zoo or amusement park together? Maybe you'd even set a goal to save more money together, or learn how to paint a piece of art together. The possibilities are



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